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Student Success Through Comprehensive Technology
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Network refresh, no problem! We have been helping schools for decades to plan and develop future-proofed networks which enable students and teachers to succeed in e-learning environments.  
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Limited IT staff and supportive resources? Outsource your support and other network demands to our team of experts. We customize our services to fit what you need!
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Don't trust your federal funding to just anyone; we have been working with schools to utilize E-Rate funding since 1996.
Delivering Client Success
What equates to success in an e-learning classroom? Is it the network performance or the students' academic achievement that genuinely measures e-learning environments' success? At Synergetics, we understand that an expertly designed and connected network is an instrumental tool that leads to realizing a student's success.  
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How We Make A Difference
"We needed a new learning solution for our large school system with over 8000 users. The biggest challenge was being able to view everything on the network and making sure it all worked properly. We were limited in bandwidth using old technology."

"Synergetics has been a valuable partner and I can’t say enough about them. I could not imagine having another partner for this. I would give them a 10 out of 10 perfect score. In addition to the implementation itself, Synergetics was helpful in offering services eligible for E-rate programs."

Patrick Gann, Technology Director
Walker County Schools (AL)
Unifying People and Technology with Creative Solutions
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Not only does Educational Technology enhance student learning, but it can also allow educators to take a more personalized approach to teaching. Synergetics also offers Professional Development taught by Google Classroom certified instructors to help boost collaboration and communication in the classroom. The various other solutions we have to offer include Cybersecurity, Physical Security, and Unified Communications